Ad Blue Box Emulator

AdBlue Box Emulator

The new european regulations for transport aim to the production of veichles with a lower amount of polluting nitrogen oxides emission. The new rule Euro 6 which has entered into law starting from september 2014, compels all the auto companies/automakers to produce veichles which follow this rule.

AdBlue is a registered trademark, which identifies a chemical solution, the AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32,5%); the Aus32 is used in the so called “selective catalytic reduction” (SCR). Its function is to reduce the nitrogen oxides emissions from the exhaust gas, produced by the veichles provided with a diesel engine.

However, outside the European Union, veichles which do not need this additive can still circulate.
Mondo Camion shows you now an exclusive product, characterised by an innovative technology: the: Ad Blue Emulator Box.

As already stated, this is an exclusive product: indeed, it can be found only on our shop.
The “AdBlue Box Emulator” by Mondo Camion is an highly sophisticated device completely planned and produced in Italy.

The constante technological development of our product, which is the result of the studies made by our engineers and the strict qualitative selection of the components, give us the possibility to produce and offer an emulator which can be adapted to the different brands of heavy veichles, up to the Euro 5 ones ( every veichle by Daf, Daf Lf, Iveco, Man, Renault, Volvo, Scania, King Long and New Holland).

Currently our engineers are developing a new emulator adaptable to Euro 6 veichles. The emulator perfrorms a specific and precise task: if the veichle runs out of the additive, it inables the AdBlue system, in order to avoid any power limitation

The AdBlue Emulator Box is an high technology device, which can be used only outside the European Union. The Emulator bypasses the electronic module of the AdBlue system, without interfering with the other electronic systems of the veichle. That is why it is absolutely necessary in all the countries where Ad Blue additive cannot be found.

When the emulator is needed

Let’s make an example, to clarify the cases when it is necessary to install one of our Emulators:
” a lorry is sold in Marocco, but it displays a damage in the pump which supplies the AdBlue to the engine. Without the Emulator, the standard electrical box will generate an error, limiting the engine power. the pump repair will naturally involve relevant costs and the veichle will be unavailable for some time”.
It should also be considered that, outside the European Union, the AdBlue additive is not easy to find; that is because outside the European Union, the use of this additive is not compulsory.


Our module works as interface between the electronic box and the engine replacing, or more precisely, emulating the electronic box itself ; this way the Emulator bypasses the part related with the AdBlue additive controls. The module can be easily installed on every lorry.

 It is inserted on the OBD cable, which has the task to send and receive in a bidirectional way all the datas between the engine, the different detectors and the electronic box. The electronic box elaborates the datas and, following the results, regulates the the engine and the different electronic components.

No loss of power, no problems for the diagnostic system

With our Emulator on board, the AdBlue system is disabled; in this way, any loss of power or problem with the diagnostic system is avoided. No warning alarm will light on the instrumental panel of the veichle, which will work exactly as the AdBlue were regularly flowing.

The AdBlue Emulator Box can be found on our shop online.

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