The new European transport regulation aim to produce vehicles with polluting emissions of ever lower nitrogen oxides.

The new Euro 6 regulation, which came into force in September 2014, obliges all  manufacturers to produce vehicles that comply with this standard.

AdBlue is a registered trademark, which identifies a chemical solution, the AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution 32.5%), used in the selective catalytic reduction (SCR).  It has the function of reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides from exhaust gases produced by vehicles equipped with diesel engines. Outside the European Union, however, vehicles that do not need this additive can still circulate.

Mondo Camion introduces you, today, a unique product, equipped with a very advanced technology: the AdBlue Emulator Box.

An exclusive product: you can find it only on our store.
Mondocamion “AdBlue Emulator Box” is an highly sophisticated device, designed and created entirely in Italy.
The constant technological development of our product, the result of the study of our engineers and the rigorous selection of quality components, allow us to produce and offer customers an emulator suitable for different brands of heavy vehicles (all types of vehicles Daf, Iveco, Man , Renault, Scania – Mercedes – New Holland – King Long) up to Euro 5 and Scania, Iveco, Volvo and Renault € 6.

The Emulator carries out a specific and precise function: to disable the AdBlue system,  if the vehicle, remaining without additive, has an engine power drop.

The AdBlue Box Emulator is a device of the highest technological level, usable, as already mentioned, only outside the European Community.

The Emulator bypasses the electronic module of the AdBlue system, without interfering with the other electronic systems of the vehicle. This is why it is essential in all countries where the Ad Blue additive is not available.


Let’s take an example, to clarify the cases in which it is essential to install one of our emulators:

A truck has been sold in Morocco, which has the Ad Blue pump , with a failure. Without emulator, the standard electronic control unit will generate an error, strongly limiting the power of the motor. The repair of the pump, of course, will entail significant costs and a more or less long time in which the vehicle must remain stationary.

We have to consider that, outside the European community, the AdBlue additive is not easily available, due to the fact that outside the European community there is no obligation to use the same additive.

Our device is an interface between the electronic control unit and the engine, replacing it, or rather, emulating the control unit itself, bypassing the part concerning the controls on the Ad Blue. The module is easy to install, in any truck.

It engages on the OBD cable, which has the function of sending and receiving, in a bidirectional way, the data between the engine, the various sensors on the vehicle and the electronic control unit, which processes them and sends the adjustments to the engine and various electronic components.

No loss of power, no problem for the diagnostic system

In the presence of the emulator, the AdBlue system is disabled, avoiding any loss of engine power or problems with the diagnostic system. No warning lights will light up on the dashboard of your vehicle, which will work just as if the AdBlue flowed regularly.

Contact us immediately, to make your journeys a safe journey, driving a powerful and reliable vehicle

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