Ad Blue Emulator for Mercedes Veichle

Mondo Camion is glad to to announce you the coming of the Emulator also for Mercedes veichles.

The “Can Bus Mercedes” has been developed after years of deep researches and careful tests.

It is about a new production device, which has already been succesfully tested on some Mercedes lorry models.

To speed up the diffusion, we propose a promotion for the Mercedes models which have not been yet officially tested.

As it is well known, there are many Mercedes models; in order to offer this new exclusive device to all the owners of Mercedes lorries, we offer a discount on all the models which haven not been tested yet.

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Your contribution as tester will give us the possibility to elaborate further important data, which are fundamental to declare the omologation for (almost) all the models circulating.
The models which have already been tested are:

Actros Euro5: 

  • 1860
  • 2548
  • 2544

The Emulator we are offering is the result of the most advanced italian technology; it has been designed and realised entirely in Italy, and all its components are MADE IN ITALY.

The “adbe 14-010 Mercedes” AdBlue Emulator is a device which can be used outside the European Union; it can disabled the AdBlue system which is installed on the Mercedes veichles with a polluting class “Euro4” or “Euro5”.

The AdBlue Emulator is necessary in all the countries where the AdBlue additive is not available, in order to avoid that a veichle suffers a loss of power ,in the case it runs out of additive.

The Emulator bypasses the electronic AdBlue system, without obstructing the operation of any other electronic device of the veichle.
The control unit is easy to install and it allows to disable the AdBlue system, avoiding any loss power for the engine.