The twenty-year experience that our Company has in the road transport field, has allowed the realization of “Mondo Camion”, the web-site that aims to meet the different needs of customers, offering a fast and extensive service to the entire national and international territory .

Mondo Camion is characterized by the technology of the proposed electronic products, aimed at solving the many specific problems of the sector.

The wide range of treated items is the result of the research and development carried out by our Italian engineers and the customization of all products allows us to meet the customer needs for  each type of vehicle.

Our web-site is a showcase of “on-line” catalogs that can be consulted at any time, offering the possibility to purchase and receive the material quickly by express.

The priority commitment of “Mondo Camion” is the optimization of order management, and speed of delivery, aware that, also from these elements, depends  the “quality” of the offered service.


Our qualified staff is able to assist you “on-line” in the programming of the emulators, providing you with detailed information on the items requested, guaranteeing technical support aimed at solving any problem easily.


Our “AdBlue Emulator Box” is an  highly sophisticated device, usable outside the European Community, designed and created entirely in Italy, specific to disable the AdBlue system if the vehicle, without additive, is subject to power limitations.

The constant technological development of our product is the result of the study of our engineers, and the rigorous selection of quality components allows us to produce and offer customers an emulator suitable for different brands of heavy vehicles (Daf, Daf LF, Iveco, Man, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes).

Italian technology, style and reliability are known and admired all over the world, so much so that the “Made in Italy” brand has always been an added value.