Finally “Ad Blue Free”

In some special circumstances the “ad blue” additive, can represent a problem.
In some countries it’s difficult to find the “ad blue” additive and if you find it, it could be of poor quality.

What are the consequences ?

Surely a reduction of the engine power and, mostly, the concrete possibility to damage the truck.
Using a not pure additive, some key parts of the engine can get dirty or damaged.

Therefore it’s extremely important that the ad blue additive is produced following strict specifications and not contaminated during the transportation, handling or storage.

The damages that may occur using an additive containing metals or calcium in quantity above the norm, are not immediately detectable but you can note them later, after many kilometrs.
Apparently, the calcium over quantity and its limestone deposits may not create problems but, later, tehy will block the injectors and will damage the catalyst.

If you are not sure to use a pure ad blue additive, in those countries where it is allowed, you can be “ad blue free”.
using our emulator, the engine will work without ad blue additive.
No power reduction – no light that lights up.
The unit will work as if the additive has been added.
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