All the benefits of the AdBlue Emulator

Catalytic systems based on AdBlue are now very widespread.

You can find them on trucks, buses of all well-known brands: MAN, Scania, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and many others.

The reason for such a wide spread is the European emissions legislation, the famous EURO standard.

The AdBlue additive makes the exhaust gases cleaner, but there is a “dark side”, if we can define it, to consider.

That’s why you might need an Ad Blue emulator

  1. First of all, the EURO emission standard is valid only in the countries of the European Union. There are many other countries, with less stringent regulations in which it is not necessary to use the additive to keep the catalytic converter system running.
    In these countries you can turn off the AdBlue system, using the emulator, savings  economic resources.
  2. There are other countries, where the use of AdBlue can generate further problems and unforeseen events.
    In countries where the temperature is permanently below -10 ° C, any liquid, similar to water, freezes. When the AdBlue freezes, it can damage the pumping system of the liquid, and generate “error codes”, which require the diagnostic system to reduce the engine power, to avoid worse damage. In some cases a severe overheating of the catalyst can be produced, causing further damages and periods of vehicle stop.
    In this case the emulator, bypassing the diagnostic system of the vehicle, avoids both the loss of power and the damage of the catalyst components.
  3. If you have a vehicle, that already has a damaged catalyst, you can make it usable again, without any loss of power. Of course, as long as you are in a country where the use of Ad Blue is not mandatory.
  4. Finally, if you are driving your truck outside  Europe, you can switch off the system at any time. Is the system deactivation permanent? The answer is:  In all  countries where the obligation is in place, the AdBlue system can and must work properly. It can be reactivated at any time;  but, as you have just read, there are several cases in which to disable it, can be very useful for your vehicle and for your work.

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