Why would I need an Emulator?

All the advantages of the “Ad Blue emulator box”

Catalytic systems based on “Ad Blue” are now widespread.

You can find them on trucks, buses of all known brands i.e.: Man, Scania, Daf, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, New Holland and so on.

The reason why they are so widespread is the European legislation concerning emissions; known as “Standard Euro”

The “Ad Blue” additive cleans the exhaust gases, but a little unknown side has to be consider.

That’s why you may need an “Ad Blue emulator box”

First of all, the “Standard Euro”, is valid only in EU countries; in other countries, governed by  less shrinkable regulations , the additive is not essential to keep the catalytic converter system working.

In all these countries, using the emulator to turn off the Ad Blue system, I can save a lot of money.

In some countries, the use of Ad Blue additive can create problems and accident. In countries where the temperature is continuously below -10 degrees, any liquid, similar to water, becomes ice.

When the Ad Blue additive freezes, it can damage the liquid pump system and generate “error codes” , so, to avoid damages, the diagnostic system reduces the engine power. In some cases this may produce a severe overheating of the catalyst, causing serious damage and standstill periods of the vehicle.

In this case the emulator, bypassing the diagnostic system of the vehicle, avoids both the loss of power and the damage of the catalyst components.

If you have a vehicle that has a damaged catalytic converter, you can make it usable again, without any loss of power; of course, as long as you are in a country where the use of the Ad Blue additive is not mandatory.

If you are driving your truck outside Europe, you can turn off the Ad Blue system at any time; you will return to use it in those countries where it is compulsory.

Are you permanently deactivating the Ad Blue system ?

In all countries where the Ad Blue additive is mandatory,  the “Ad Blue” system can and must regularly work. You can reactivate it at any time.

As you can read, there are many instances where you can turn it off …. it can be very useful for your vehicle and for your work.